Monday, September 04, 2006

It's not you

Like an unanswered call
ocean stays flat
waves barren
feeling the jilt

Is this really you I wonder
yet the floor's tilt
did make a tsunami bulit
rolling new affinity

I ride the waves in emit
as confrere of humanity ashore
thanking the ocean floor
that brought the far flung face

Why did the floor tilt?
ever taking and not giving
humanity, rushing to split
otherwise giving ocean

Tilting floor a twin joint
one waxing and other waning
the moonlight of Udayarkattu
Otherwise answering my call
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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The sound of your anklets

Viking country arctic air
Flowing jet stream true north
Cooling the days and hearts
Sailing free and vast lands
Blowing winds here to bind
Flaking rhythm of sax
Melting puffs on crimsons arrival
Hauling buckets of dawn
Parading knot after knots of love
Lining through Midnights trek
Flashing for A pilgrim's prayer
Surfing You and me
Whispering Won't you come
The sound of your anklets
Coming down the Alps
Waiting are my ears

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Can anything else be sweeter?

Can anything else be sweeter?
finding a caddy full of frosted nectar

panning on shelves in hand knit hives

licking you motions heartland times

cherishing palmyrah pollen sacks

delectating ant colony fiestas

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

All Foliate like a Cosmopolite

Palmyrah puree
tender sky
Ebony birdies

render accord
Bells tolling

love of Kumaran
Banners flying

dove of peace

Today's effulgence

to last?
one wonder
Past aura of beneficence
rotten roofs
Man-made thunder

lost city found under

Soldiers gaze

on daily span
Longing out of

lonely terrain
Mongers design
and plot
Warriors align
and apt
for combat

Soil binds

palmyrah fencing
Barracks block

farmers' plowing
Channel dig

fumble marine life
Ringing shores

forgive human strife

Bustling metro
soil of souls'
Rolling mass

on two wheel skates
young, old, men and women

Motion to beat the clock's


Learning sprout's pride

'n parade
lass and mother

reap newer grade
lad and dad

path novel trade
Luminous tide

and never fade


serene future
the treasured past

human spirit
to oceans' vast
Passion a mission

rallying cosmopolite!
"All lands home, all men kin"

all foliate
..Like a cosmopolite!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Setting love's climate..

Day of calamity dawn
to make bowl of heat, while
deep blue elude
dotting gloom's heaven

Noon of passion fire
to take around globe, when
kins grace interlude
netting comfort's dire

Dusk of orange tango
to shake oceans wrath, where
souls discover gratitude
betting mouth's mango

Night of dreams await
to wake up in the east, with
palmyrah puree prelude
setting love's climate
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

You're Bamba's Moonlight

Home of enchantress
Steam canister's delight - and
Drench immense grace, you're
Bamba moonlight

Beam with truthness
Dwell bunny's tender - and
March tortise's wisdom, you're
Bamba moonlight

Triumph for powerless
Pluck shore's resolute - and
Cruise dream terrace, you're
Bamba moonlight

Shed away rayless
Rake twinkle's pride - and
Parade amity beneath, you're
Bamba moonlight

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

End of summer
Enter joyous pageant
Of autumn

Day break splendour
Dazzling foliage parade
On fingers

Shores apart wonder
Swings festive gala
In faces

Waves of roar
Weaves comfort rally
In minds

Earns daily flicker
Enchanting earthly motion
For passion.

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